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Books that influenced my father:
"The Secret of the Ages" by Robert Collier.

Books that influenced my mother:
"Science and Health" by Mary Baker Eddy.

Mental Engineering Basics  Of
Bill & Moya Lear

 (A brief summary of some of the secrets that helped
 Bill & Moya Lear achieve their goals)

hey believed that:

 1. You have the right to want to do things.  Because the desire to do things is put in you by the "Infinite Mind". (Some people call that loving  thinker, God. Others call it The Force!) That Mind is not stupid or mean. It gave you the idea because you are the perfect person to make it happen. That One Mind will help  you and will lead the right people across your path to guide you.

 2. Don't ask anybody if your idea is a good one. They don't know because they are not the perfect person to evaluate the idea. You are. Ask them, "How can you help me?"

 3. So you have to have the confidence that it's O.K. to get excited about  the idea that came to you, because it doesn't belong to you, but was entrusted  to you to develop. Therefore you have to be passionate about the idea. You have to have a burning desire to achieve your goals.

 4. If you are a good worker developing the ideas that come to you, the Infinite Mind, that sent them to you, will reward you abundantly for developing the idea. You can check the source of the idea by asking yourself if it will improve the  quality of life for those around you.

 5. When you do something that others really need, they will reward you with tangible forms of gratitude. Sometimes it's money; sometimes it's something even better!

 6. Be fearless: the infinite loving consciousness made you and includes you.  You can never be separate. Your true nature reflects all the qualities  and abilities of the infinite consciousness.

 Once those criteria are met, whenever you have a problem that you are  having difficulty solving, know that because your motive is to improve  the quality of life, within the Infinite Mind are the answers to your problem.

To specifically help you to access this problem solving
Mind you need to:

 1. Define specifically what you think the problem is.
Sounds easy but its sometimes really hard to do.

 2. Define what kind of an answer you think might help you.

 3. Network with others to gather ideas and information. Don't think the idea belongs only to you. The Infinite Mind is the employer and intends for  everyone to profit who shares in the development of a good idea. (This doesn't mean, however that you don't take the practical steps to copyright or patent the idea.)

 4. Don't construct barriers. Talk to anyone from the top person to the janitor. If your eyes connect with theirs, they might just have a bit of information  that will help.

 5. Make a list of everything you need to solve the problem from the data and ideas you've gathered. You are re-fining the major factors. Like re-fining gold you are removing the impurities and keeping the good part.

 6. Expect that the infinite Mind has the practical answer. Acknowledge that since that MIND is All-in-All, that you, being part of that Allness, already include the answer. As you get rid of the fear of separation from GOOD, the right answer will become evident.

 7. Fear is like static on the radio which make it hard to hear the music. Fear is the belief in separation from GOOD. Deny you can be separate from infinite GOOD and tell Fear to shut up. it's a lie and you're not going to give it any power. and then Forget about the problem. Party! Take a nap! Relax!

 8. Have paper and pencil always ready to jot down the solutions that come to you, especially after you've been asleep. These are usually the answers to your problem.

hen healing is needed:

 1. Matter is a "mode" of consciousness. In order to change matter, you have to  turn your thought away from contemplating the material circumstances and focus  on the spiritual identity of "man" as a "man-ifestation" of the perfect infinite conscious Being.  Man reflects the Infinite Loving Consciousness who some groups refer to as God. Like this consciousness, man is GOOD, whole, complete and "uncrushed".

 2. No criticism or gossiping. These magnify negative material circumstances. Focusing on positive spiritual aspects of a person helps that person improve  their behavior: "What you see is what you get!

Bible-based Prayer-Treatment

As a person's thought changes about Divine Love's Allness and tender loving care for all of Love's expressions, a shift in the situation usually also occurs for the better for everyone.

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As a Lactation Educator, Shanda Lear taught breastfeeding classes in doctors offices, and clinics. Today she is a part-time Practitioner of Spiritual Healing and is called upon often to take mother and baby cases.

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